Ailing dog due to be euthanized comes ‘back to life,’ shocks her caretakers

(WHDH) — An elderly dog that was due to be euthanized by an animal shelter ended up shocking her caretakers when she made a complete turnaround and miraculously transformed from a “boney, dirty, lethargic” dog into one who “absolutely loves treats and loves attention.”

Canadian-based Exploits Valley SPCA shared images of the dog, Angel, on Facebook over the weekend, writing that they were now looking for a home for the elderly pooch, who suffers from diabetes.

“In the beginning, it seemed quite obvious that this dog was suffering and it would be kinder to euthanize her if no owner was found. Over the last few days, things have changed,” the shelter said in the post. “Angel has come back to life.”

The post went on to explain that Angel had been found with curled toenails that had punctured her paw, leaving open wounds that made it hard to stand.

Angel responded well to her car and is now lapping up her second chance at a happier life.

“It’s obvious in how she responds at the shelter, she is just so happy,” the shelter said. “Hopping around to try and see people. Absolutely loves treats and loves attention.”

Angel is older and almost totally blind but her veterinarians believe she can have a quality life with insulin and the right home.

“She has stolen the heart of everyone she’s met so far,” the shelter said. “Once you meet her, you’ll see why we are trying to give her this gift of being truly loved before she leaves earth.”

The heartwarming post has been shared thousands of times.

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