Air Force bans Greek yogurt (Update)

Update: Chobani released a statement Wednesday saying they would be removing hemp seeds from the product so taht it could be enjoyed by military personnel.

"Recently, we've heard some concerns from the military community about Chobani products containing hemp seeds, and want to set the record straight. Except for Blueberry Power Chobani Flip, no Chobani product contains hemp seeds. However, we're committed to giving our fans what they want and are in the process of removing this ingredient from our Blueberry Power Chobani Flip. We greatly respect our armed forces and take pride in serving our troops."


BOSTON (WHDH) — The Air Force has a new target in its war on drugs: Greek yogurt.

The Air Force banned Chobani's blueberry power flip yogurt because it contains hemp seeds. Studies have shown hemp seeds contain varying levels of T.H.C. an active ingredient in marijuana.

A Chobani spokesperson said it isn't known how the yogurt would impact a person's drug test.