Air Force serviceman surprises mom at elementary school gathering

(WHDH) — A service member in the US Air Force got a chance to surprise his mom at an elementary school with a tearful reunion.

Student of the Month honors were being handed out at Lenox Elementary School in Baldwin, Long Island, where reading teacher Regina Benzing noticed a lot of news media around.

Not knowing the media was there for her, she began reading names of award recipients.

She also didn’t know her son wasn’t 4,000 miles away — he was backstage.

As Benzing read out the names, she saw his.

“Eric Benzing?”

And he appeared — a mother and son reunited after eight months apart.

Eric had been vague about the date of his homecoming, and now she knows why. As for her co-workers and students, it turns out they can keep a secret.

Regina said she was looking forward to having dinner with him and cooking him whatever he wanted. His answer came quickly.

“Some homemade mac and cheese, definitely.”

Eric will spend three weeks at home before returning to his post in Germany



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