Air Mexico flight to Boston makes emergency evacuation before take-off

BOSTON (WHDH) - A scary scene on the runway in Mexico for passengers headed to Logan Airport.

Officials were running toward flight 698 as it evacuated.

“We just hear ‘evacuate the plane, evacuate the plane,'” said one passenger, Erika.

The Aeromexico aircraft didn’t even make it off the runway at the Mexico City International Airport because of what officials call a vibration in the landing gear.

The pilot quickly put on the brakes and eventually the flight crew activated the slides.

“After a few minutes we just heard him say, ‘evacuate, evacuate’,” said another passenger, “and all the landslides we had to slide down the airplane and everything.”

Erika and the other passenger then jumped on a bus back to the terminal where they waited several hours before boarding another flight to Boston.

“I have a fear of flying so it was definitely pretty frightening for me,” said Erika, “and I’m sure many others.”


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