“A Festivus for the rest of us!”Frank Costanza. Haha…one of several classic episodes from Seinfeld. Today is indeed Festivus, with an airing of grievances. I have a few:

* Drivers in the left lane on the MA Pike doing 55mph.
* The person in front of you at Dunks who orders for 10 other people as well.
* Rain & 60 degree weather around Christmas Eve/Day.

This last one really gets under my skin. It must be leftover over childhood memories–back in 1978 while growing up in Pittsfield we had a huge snowstorm on Christmas Eve/Day. For a kid who wanted to be a meteorologist, it was about as close to the perfect gift as one can get.

Get over it JR, it ain’t happening this year.

What IS happening is warmth and rain. It’s a storm drawn out in several pieces,  the first of which bothers us today with scattered showers, drizzle. The second wave and third wave of rain happen tomorrow-Thursday morning. When it’s all said & done I think most towns pick up between 1-3″ of rain by midday Thursday. Since we are talking rain we’ll also talk warm temps. Today those temps reach the mid 40s (seasonal) but by tomorrow and especially Thursday, high temps are way above normal—50s tomorrow & 60s for Thursday. The record high for Thursday is 65…we’ll be close with temps near 62-63……if you are scoring some new golf clubs for Christmas, perhaps you can find a course open (the ones that drain well after all that rain).

Sunny & warm weather is expected for the remainder of the Holiday Weekend.

Have a great holiday.


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