Alabama waitress uses large tip to pay it forward

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WHDH) — An Alabama waitress said she decided to spread the kindness after two customers left her a large tip on their order.

Karli Estock said a couple came into the restaurant where she works last week and ordered a burger to split. After the couple paid their bill, Estock said she was shocked when she opened the check. The couple left her a $330 tip, along with a card from the Faith Community Fellowship Church that read, “Please accept this random act of kindness.” Estock said the card and money inspired her to do something with it.

“Having all of that just at one time, I felt pressed to do something with it instead of keep it for myself,” said Estock.

Estock decided to pay it forward. Before going into work the next day, she stopped a drive-thru restaurant and gave the cashier an amount of money, telling them to use it to pay for people’s food until it runs out. She said she hopes to inspire others to do something nice for a stranger.

“Thank you to the people that left me that tip last night. Thank you for the inspiration to keep it going,” said Estock.

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