It was fight night in one Alaskan neighborhood when two moose went head-to-head on a family’s front lawn. 

A father and son heard something going on outside and decided to check it out. 

When they saw the brawl, they knew they had to hit record and catch the action on camera. 

The bull moose were fighting over a female moose. 

“It was crazy, like something right out  of Alaska, what you’d expect,” Bill Tyra, who captured the fight on camera, said. “I’d actually seen this in the wild, you know, 100 yards away in binoculars.”

Tyra never expected to see this kind of action this close to his South Anchorage home. 

The brawl started in a neighbor’s driveway, and then spilled into the street. 

One bull moose finally got the upper hand and it was clear the fight was coming to an end. 

“He was ready to flip the other one over again, and they separated approximately right here in the street, then one ran down the street and the winner kind of stood in the street, kind of ‘You know I am the victor,’ ‘We are the champions’ kind of thing,” Tyra said. 

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