For the first time in a month….this week appears to be free of any snowstorms. The snow blitz has ended and after yesterday, spring appears ready to pop…well maybe not. Even though the week is void of any significant snow there will be plenty of cold. An arctic front is about to blast through here sending temps from the 20s down into the lower teens by evening (wind chills even lower). This cold will be intense overnight & through the day tomorrow as Tuesday morning temps start below zero–even for metro Boston–and by the afternoon the numbers only reach the upper teens.

On Wednesday morning there may be some snow flurries especially on the Cape/South Shore from an ocean storm but it won’t do much else than pop some flurries. After that we focus on another arctic front arriving late in the day on Wednesday which will reinforce the cold air for Thursday & Friday. This reinforcement of cold air is also a reinforcement of dry air so more sunshine on tap for late week. I’ll take it.

Speaking of sunshine, over the next four weeks we will pick up an hour and twenty minutes of daylight! I’ll take that too.

Enjoy your storm-free week..I know I will.


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