Reached our rainy day quota with today’s wet weather. Amounts were a bit below what I expected in Greater Boston, but I’m sure you didn’t sweat it much: a wet day is a wet day.

Heavy rain did hammer part of the Commonwealth, however. Nantucket saw over 2″ of water as the storm passed just to their south. Elsewhere, a good 1/2 to just over 3/4 of inch of rain was common. Skies finished with a few rays of sun and a couple of rainbows – not a bad way to finish a soggy day.

Time to turn the page. All day rains are behind us, and summer warmth lies ahead. Friday is caught in the middle with some sun, some warmth (at least warmer than today) and a nagging shower threat through midday. If your plans have you taking part in something outside, then take heart that these are just passing showers, AND they’re smattered about – hitting some and missing others.

We’ve been barking about the return of summer this weekend since the beginning of the week. I think we’ve gotten the point across. I’ll let the weather maps do the talking, and you do the planning. It must be said that there is still a (weak) shower threat on Saturday afternoon. Here again, the pop-up type that takes up a  few minutes to half hour of your afternoon. Certainly not enough to cancel plans over. Sunday’s the warmest day of the two as highs soar into the mid – and possibly upper – 80s.

Now we’re cooking.


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