Turned out to be a super day. Highs crested in the low 60s with a ton of sun. But why dwell on the present when the future is chocked full of ‘wild weather’?

Actually, I’ll correct myself. There’s nothing wild about the next two days, unless you go crazy over high temps in the upper 60s (OK, some will). This mini warmup is looking super mild, but the warmest it’s been this late in the season is around 80, so we’re not talking record-breaker here.

Nonetheless, this time of year, it’s not much about the warm air, as much as it’s about the mild start to the day. Tonight our lows will be in the 40s, so we don’t have to work that hard to get to the mid/upper 60s tomorrow. And with a start near 50 on Wednesday, low and mid 70s are in the mix.

Clouds will be our only hindrance tomorrow and Wednesday. In fact, we may go overcast late Wednesday with an approaching front. Light showers will have to wait until after dark.

Ahem. Now the extended extended forecast. Colder air comes punching in by late week, dropping us from 70s to 50s by Beggars Night (day before Halloween). For now, it seems that Halloween itself is cool and dry, but the days after the creepy night may haunt you.

It appears that a cold pool of air will brew up a storm right over us. That may mean a change from rain to snow as Saturday wears on. Stand down for now on the plows and snowblowers since this is a preliminary and understandably shaky forecast. The storm seems small and compact, which means it’s affects will be confined to a small area. (See Pats/Titans snowfall from several years ago – small area of accumulation but everyone saw some snow/cold).

Plenty of time to work out the kinks. Let’s just focus on the here and now – and the hereafter in terms of Halloween.



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