What a cool early morning today!  40s were widespread outside urban areas, allowing for a very chilly start for mid-August standards.  If you were up for work early or made a sunrise tee-time, no doubt you felt the Fall-like air in place as a light jacket or sweatshirt was warranted.

It’ll be cool again tonight with lows just a couple degrees milder.  That means near 50 in a lot of burbs to near 60 in Boston.  Tomorrow afternoon features a nice recovery again with highs near 80 inland and in the low to mid 70s at the coast.  Few more clouds mix in during the afternoon and more clouds are around  for Thursday.

So how about the pattern ahead? No peanut butter, just jam… as in the pattern gets all jammed (block) up as we get into the end of the week and into the weekend.  Sometimes we talk about that in a negative way with lots of rain, other times, it’s lots of dry weather.   This go around, we’re talking about dry weather prevailing. What also prevails is an onshore wind that keeps it in the lower 70s on average with even some upper 60s over the Cape for the weekend.

What about Bob?  No, not the movie, but the hurricane.  It was this date, 23 years ago that hurricane Bob made landfall in New England.  It’s the last hurricane to make landfall in New England.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Bob

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