Alleged drunken driver nearly hits several pedestrians on wild ride through Chelsea

CHELSEA (WHDH) - Shocking video captured a wild ride through the streets of Chelsea as a suspected drunken driver narrowly missed running over several pedestrians.

Police say Jose Valle, 56, was drunk when he was caught driving erratically on Thursday afternoon through the city’s downtown section.

It all started when police say Valle hit a car on Grove Street then crossed over to Broadway. Pedestrians were forced jump out of the way as Valle’s vehicle went up onto the sidewalk. Video showed his vehicle nearly crashing into group of people.

Police say Valle then slammed into a park bench, a trash can and drove up onto the city hall lawn. Valle is also accused of putting the car in reverse and hitting one of the city’s antique light poles before fleeing the scene.

Police say his car broke down, bringing the dangerous drive to an end, at which point he was taken into custody.

Valle’s blood alcohol level was found to be three times the legal limit, according to police. He’s facing a slew of charges, including driving under the influence.

Valle declined to comment on his actions after posting bail Friday at Chelsea District Court. He’s due back in court in June.



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