American Nice attack survivor grateful for stranger’s help

NICE, FRANCE (WHDH) — A survivor relived moments of terror Tuesday as he recalled being at the terror attack in Nice, France, in which 84 people were killed.

Greg Krentzman was with his wife and 9-year-old daughter Lola enjoying a trip to France.

He was taking a picture as the family strolled along Nice’s famous promenade last Thursday night when a truck suddenly came barreling down the road.

“My wife screamed out my name, ‘Greg look out there’s a truck coming toward you,'” he said.

From his hospital bed in France, Krentzman told 7News about the horrifying moments as the 19-ton truck came toward him and the split second decision he made.

“I would say it was probably 15 feet in front of me around going fast and swerving back and forth to obviously hit as many people as possible,” he said. “I decided to jump to the left, thank god, if I jumped to the right i would have been dead.”

Krentzman did get hit in the right leg, suffering a deep gash.

As his wife and daughter rushed to safety, Krentzman waited with his brother-in-law for help.

With so many victims, ambulance crews never got to him.

“I was getting very cold very quickly, I was losing a lot of blood, my teeth were chattering,” he said. “An elderly gentleman pulled his car in front of me and 34 my brother in law and this french gentleman picked me up and put me in the back seat of his car. A lot of things were flashing through my eyes, I was really sad, i was scared.”

More than 80 people were killed and 200 injured in the attack.

With the devastating scene behind him, Krentzman can focus on being grateful his family is okay and believes it is a miracle a stranger stopped to help.

“He didn’t have to pick me but somehow he did,” he said. “I would love to meet this man. I have no idea who he is, I would love to hug him and thank him and give him a reward because he was such an angel.”

Krentzman has had several surgeries in the past five days and doctors think they can save his leg.

He hopes to return home to California with his family sometime next month.

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