The wait is over. Heavy rain is sweeping in from the ocean as I type. This little storm’s developed into quite the nor’easter (yes, I capitulated from my “ocean storm” stance) today. Weather maps had it a little tamer yesterday, and I saw no reason to argue that point. This afternoon, after rapid development, I’m a little taken back by its strength. Winds are gusting in lock-step with the deeper storm, frequently peaking at over 40mph. Coupled with a stalling storm from 11pm-11am, minor coastal flooding is rearing its ugly head.

First up, the timeline. Bands of heavy rain will continue through then night and into a good part of Thursday. (Goes without saying that the commute looks full of big puddles and slow traffic. Plan accordingly.) In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see imbedded downpours last well into the mid afternoon tomorrow – with a focus on Northern Mass. from mid/late AM on. If there’s one thing we know about nor’easters, it’s that they don’t go quietly into the night. They’re stubborn, they hang on, and there’s never a hard, fast cutoff in the precipitation. So it goes with my forecast.

And those winds! Numerous power outages and trees down. Terribly underplayed by this forecaster. Gusts will continue to top our near 40mph through the evening, then slowly ease later night (after about 3-4am) everywhere but the North Shore, specifically Cape Ann through the Seacoast of New Hampshire. It’s there that we have some concern for splashover at around 11pm tonight and near the noontime high tide tomorrow. Astronomically speaking, we’re in a good place. Highest tides this October were with the full moon early in the month.

Friday looks like a few sprinkles will still be possible in the morning with a brightening sky in the afternoon. By the weekend will be following the cool down…then warmup for next week!

We’ll be along with updates through out the storm. Ride it out with 7!


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