Animal Rescue League of NH: Injured and emaciated dog found in woods

(WHDH) — The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire said they are now taking care of a German Shepherd, George, who was found injured and emaciated in the woods.

Officials said they have no information about where George came from or when he actually went missing, but they said George’s condition made it apparent that he had been on his own for quite some time.

When George arrived at the Rescue League, employees knew immediately that he was suffering from several infections. “What we were presented with was a skeleton of a dog whose four legs, sides, stomach, and genitalia all suffered significant trauma. Cuts were actively bleeding, and in places, bone was exposed,” they said.

George weighed 49 lbs when he arrived at the Rescue League. Male German Shepherds typically weigh between 70-90 lbs.

Employees said George immediately nuzzled into them and wanted their affection after he was rescued.

The Animal Rescue League of NH has set up a donation page for George that can be found here.

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