Animal sanctuary, farm team up to save pig, promote NH ag

HAVERHILL, N.H. (AP) — An animal sanctuary and a farm are working together to spare a slaughterhouse-bound piglet to promote local agriculture in New Hampshire.

Beans and Greens Farm of Gilford is hoping to send the piglet named Grover to the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary in Haverhill where it will live out its days.

The Caledonian-Record reports Grover, described as the “runtiest of runts,” has touched the lives of people who know him via the farm stand’s petting zoo. Sanctuary founder Jenifer Vickery says Grover was to have become “a farm to table meal.”

She says they’re fundraising to expand the sanctuary’s pig area to accommodate Grover and future pig rescues.

She’s hopeful the collaboration with the Gilford farm stand will “stimulate thought and conversation” between other sanctuaries and farms.

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