WILMINGTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Grunts, groans, and the sounds of snow blowers and shovels hitting the pavement echoed across the Merrimack Valley on Tuesday after a monstrous winter storm walloped the region with nearly two feet of snow.

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“It’s beautiful when it comes down,” Wilmington resident Louis Douguster said. “Once you have to get out and shovel it, it’s a pain in the neck.”

Some residents say they started digging out as early as Monday night during the height of the storm, which buried Billerica with 22.5 inches of snow and Wilmington with 20 inches.

Side roads remained snow-covered and slick early Tuesday despite a parade of plows that could be seen scrambling to keep up with the storm throughout the night.

For most people in the area, it was just another winter storm in New England.

“Winter in New England. I think we’re expecting more snow to come in another week,” Ryan Wicker said. “Who can complain?”

Ralph DeLong added, “Another day in paradise…That’s what they say right?”

The snowfall has since frozen over, making the big dig-out difficult and strenuous for many.

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