Another Heat Wave On the Horizon

Temperatures will be trending warmer through the weekend and into the start of the next work week.

4 Day Temp Trend Auto PM CK

Before we dive into the weekend forecast, we’re tracking a nice evening ahead for your outdoor plans, whether you’re heading to an outdoor dining spot by Fenway to feel the atmosphere of the home opener from afar or going for a walk, temperatures will be gradually falling into the mid to low 70s as skies slowly clear from northwest to southeast.

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Saturday afternoon brings highs around 90 inland, low to mid 80s at the coast due to an onshore breeze that develops.

Weekend Forecast

Sunday will likely bring the first 90 degree day of our second heat wave of 2020 for Boston, with areas inland stretching into the low to mid 90s in the afternoon.  If you’re trying to find some relief from the heat, the Cape will be the place to be both weekend days.

Beach Forecast 2 Days

Thankfully, with this 90-degree heat this weekend, it’s not paired up with high dewpoints.  Saturday features a comfortable dewpoint in the upper 50s, while Sunday is slightly higher into the low 60s.

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Monday is the peak of the heat as highs surge to near triple digits.  Tuesday could very well be our 3rd or 4th day of the heat wave with highs in the low 90s ahead of a cold front that sweeps through in the afternoon sparking off some scattered thunderstorms and putting an end to the heat.

For the rest of the week we settle into the 80s under partly to mostly sunny skies.

7 on 7PM 2018 Set

As always during this time of the year, we are keeping an eye on the tropics.  We have both our 7th and 8th named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, Gonzalo and Hanna.

Gonzalo is showing signs of weakening and may continue to remain a tropical storm this weekend as it moves over the Windward Islands and continuing in to the Caribbean Sea.


Hanna is also a tropical storm, but is situated in the Gulf of Mexico, treading westward towards the southern Gulf coast of Texas, making landfall as a tropical storm this weekend before weakening over land.


If you keep an eye on weather in the Pacific too, you may have hear of Hurricane Douglas, which is currently a Category 3 Hurricane by Hawaii.  It is expected to continue to weaken as it advances closer to the islands, and could make landfall there as a Category 1 storm over the next few days.