Another Super Weekend

If today was any gauge, the weekend will be spectacular.

But Friday isn’t the role model for the weekend, it just happens to headlining the stellar start. We’ll be back to our old ways – the warm and humid kind – by Sunday, with a few storms in the afternoon.

First, we have some moon watching to do. The Supermoon is tonight, and the viewing will be spectacular with clear skies and low humidity. Bring the bug juice though, because the air will be very still without a breeze to stir things up.

Another stellar day tomorrow as the humidity stays out of the picture. I expect the beaches to be crowded, so get there early for a good spot. There may be a slight sea breeze, but it won’t have the potential to cool like this afternoon. Highs manage to make it to 80 or so, but elsewhere mid 80s are within reach.

Just as warm – if not warmer – Sunday with the humidity right on top of us. Thunder should fire in the afternoon starting in Western Mass. 1st around early afternoon and moving east. Just a few random storms by mid/late afternoon from Worcester to Boston and points north and west. Wouldn’t cancel plans over it, but keep an eye to the sky for menacing clouds.

Humidity will fuel some gnarly storms from Mon-Wed of next week. Setup is perfect for heavy rain and possibly severe weather at that time too. We’ll be on it from morning to night, so keep it on 7.

Have a great, safe weekend!