BOSTON (AP) — A Romanian man has pleaded guilty to his role in a multi-state ATM skimming scheme that netted hundreds of thousands of dollars, federal prosecutors said.

Dragos Nelu Hornea, 26, pleaded guilty Tuesday to racketeering and conspiracy to use counterfeit access devices charges, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston.

Hornea was a member of a gang that attached skimming devices to ATMs to steal debit card numbers and PINs from unsuspecting bank customers, create counterfeit cards, and make unauthorized withdrawals from the victims’ bank accounts, authorities said.

They victimized residents of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina, prosecutors said.

Fifteen people have now pleaded guilty in the case and those sentenced have received prison terms from one year to more than five years, prosecutors said.

Hornea, originally indicted in 2017, faces sentencing on Feb. 3.

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