I should just start off by answering the question that is on everyone’s mind:  Snow?  

We’ve been talking about a lot about that four-letter S-word in the last 24 hours, and some of that snow even fell as far south as Georgia.  So, if a few inches can pile up in N. Carolina with this storm, what does it have in store for us?  Well, I think we’re seeing it now… more of the same heading through the night and into Sunday morning; wet and windy.  It really looks like the cold air on the back side of the storm doesn’t move in until after the precip shuts off.  That means, for us – NO snow.  However I should be a little more specific and say, no fluffy white stuff (which is usually the accepted definition of snow).  I am certain that with this storm we will see nothing in the way of snow accumulation, and we may even keep the white-stuff away altogether.  

I sound pretty confident, don’t I?

With that said, there is still a slight chance that another round of moderate moisture could move in  early Sunday morning, and that could bring some wet snow to higher terrain north and west of 495 (temps will be too mild in the city for any snow tonight).  In the end though, whether there is wet snow or no wet snow (that is the question), the ground is too warm for it to “stick” around.

Now, to the real headline with this storm:  WIND.  We’ve already seen a tree come down in Boston today, and I expect that will be happening more as we get into overnight hours.  The strongest winds with this storm will mainly be from late Saturday through late Sunday, which means we ain’t seen nothing yet.  Gusts along the Cape and islands as I write this (6:54 pm) have gotten up to 47 mph – but gusts up to 60 mph could plague the same areas overnight tonight and into tomorrow.  A High Wind Warning is in effect for coastal areas, the Cape and Islands through Sunday night.  Power outages are possible, as are more of those limbs, trees and leaves coming down into the roads.

Someone asked me on Twitter today if I thought the winds would play a role in the Patriots/Broncos game tomorrow.  Yes – I definitely think the winds may play an even a bigger role than Belichick is willing to admit.  Even if 15-25 mph winds aren’t enough to throw the players, the gusts up to 40 mph could throw the passes off course… and even if none of it bothers the players the fans will certainly feel the wind chill readings; down into the upper 20s and low 30s!  Bundle up, and bring a hat.  

Here’s a bit of lighter weather news:  Once we get through this mess, there is another warm-up around the corner!

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