ANSWERS: Test your AFC Championship Game knowledge

How did you do on the quiz? The answers are below.

1. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are first and second, respectively, in career playoff passing yards. Who is third?

A. Brett Favre
B. Joe Montana
C. John Elway

Brady and Manning have more than 7,000 career playoff passing yards; Favre retired with 5,855.

2. Tom Brady has never thrown for 400+ yards in a playoff game. Peyton Manning has done so three times. Who holds the record for most passing yards in a single playoff game?

A. Drew Brees
B. Kurt Warner
C. Bernie Kosar

Kosar threw for 489 yards for the Cleveland Browns against the New York Jets in 1987.

3. A former New England Patriots defensive star is the all-time playoff leader in sacks. Who is it?

A. Richard Seymour
B. Willie McGinest
C. Mike Vrabel

McGinest has 16 career sacks in the postseason.

4. Another former New England Patriots star is the all-time playoff leader in interceptions returned for a touchdown. That player is…

A. Rodney Harrison
B. Asante Samuel
C. Ty Law

Samuel had four INTs returned for touchdowns in his career. Only one other player has ever had more than two.

5. Peyton Manning has played in three Super Bowls, where he has a 1-2 record. Those teams were…

A. Bears, Saints, Seahawks
B. Eagles, Bears, Cardinals
C. Bears, Cardinals, Seahawks

Manning beat the Chicago Bears, but lost to the Saints and Seahawks.

6. The Denver Broncos have won two Super Bowls. The first win came against the Green Bay Packers. The second was against…

A. San Francisco 49ers
B. New York Giants
C. Atlanta Falcons

John Elway led his team to a second consecutive Super Bowl title, then retired after beating the Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII.

7. Peyton Manning’s career playoff record is 12-13. What’s Tom Brady’s record?

A. 13-12
B. 22-8
C. 27-6

Brady’s 22 wins are the most in NFL history, 6 more than second-place Joe Montana.

8. The Denver Broncos threw threw the most interceptions in the NFL during the 2015 season. Which team had the fewest?

A. New England Patriots
B. Carolina Panthers
C. Arizona Cardinals

The Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs tied for the fewest interceptions during the 2015 season with 7.

9. Only one team left in the playoffs has a kicker who didn’t miss an extra point all season. That kicker is…

A. Brandon McManus – Denver
B. Graham Gano – Carolina
C. Stephen Gostkowski – New England

Gostkowski helped the Patriots become one of five teams in the NFL that did not miss an extra point in the first season that the try was moved back.

10. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two of the best playoff QBs of all time, but they’re also among the NFL postseason leaders in interceptions. Who’s the all-time INT leader?

A. Joe Montana
B. Brett Favre
C. Terry Bradshaw

Tom Brady has 26 career playoff INTs, while Manning has 24, but Brett Favre retired with 30 INTs.

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