Anti-Muslim sign causes controversy outside Minnesota restaurant

LONSDALE, MINN. (WHDH) — An anti-Muslim sign in front of a restaurant in Minnesota caused quite a controversy in the community.

The owner of “Treats Family Restaurant” put up the sign that reads, “Muslims Get Out.”

The owner says the sign was posted in the wake of mall stabbings in St. Cloud, Minnesota over the weekend.

An ISIS-affiliated website claimed the suspect in the attack was a “soldier” of the ISIS movement.

But authorities say there is no evidence ISIS had any role in planning or executing the attack.

Still, the restaurant owner – Dan Ruedinger – says he’s expressing his opinion. And he says he doesn’t want all Muslims to leave.

“I am not talking about the Muslim population in general,” he said. “I am talking about the Muslim extremists. I am sure there are far more good Muslims than there are bad, just like there is with any other race. The only reason I didn’t put extremists on the board is because I didn’t have room on the board for it.”

The town’s mayor says he does not condone the sign and doesn’t think the sign represents the town’s values, but he says the sign doesn’t violate any city laws.