As Mom always said…If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything…. OK, thanks Mom. Even if I have a blog to do?! I don’t really have anything nice to say……Look at what we have in store today:

*Rain for much of the day (it may take a break from 11am until 3pm)
*Cold temps, only in the 40s
*Southeast wind 10-20 mph creating wind chills in the 30s

See, what’s nice about that?! It’s the same storm that has pummeled the southern states with severe weather but with the air so cold & raw in New England, it’s virtually impossible to create severe t-storms. So that is good news. In terms of rainfall, most towns will pick up between 1-2″ by Thursday morning. This will be a storm that lingers into the morning hours on Thursday but it’s also a storm that will dislodge the chilly air from New England. In fact, temperatures on Thursday morning (50s by 5am) will be warmer than at anytime today (40s) and by tomorrow afternoon those numbers will soar into the 60s!

As we step closer to the weekend, Friday offers a fair amount of sunshine and mild temps with most cities & towns close to 70! The weekend itself is also mild with daytime highs in the 60s. There may be some sprinkles Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday afternoon (Sunday does appear to have a higher chance of afternoon showers). Certainly much nicer than the past several days.

Grab that umbrella!


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