It was an awesome start to Easter Sunday, but then the clouds moved in and so did the wet weather.  The rain and, yes, even snow showers that moved through this evening are just setting the stage for the wild ride we have ahead of us this week.  

There’s a weather boundary that’s currently crossing southern New England that will act as a conveyor belt for dreary weather throughout the week.  Right now it’s south of the Bay State, which will keep most of the rain and snow showers that linger into tomorrow morning south of the Mass Pike.  Monday looks to be mostly dry, but as that boundary slides northward through the day tomorrow, it will bring a chance of showers to the northern half of the state late in the day.  

As that boundary moves north, that does put us on the “right side of the tracks.”  That is to say, the warm side of the division between cold and warm.  I’d say that’s the right side, right?  That means tomorrow, with a few peeks of sunshine, mid 50s are in store for the suburbs… however… there’s this other thing we have to take into account this entire week:  Darn you, ON SHORE FLOW!

That’s the other battle we’ll be fighting all week long is the onshore flow.  Air coming in from the east, moving over cold water, will keep temps down in coastal areas.  While some spots in the interior enjoy temps in the mid 50s tomorrow, coastal locations won’t make it out of the 40s.

Heads up for Tuesday/Wednesday:  Pack an umbrella and wear the “irrigatin’ boots.”  It is going to be wet.  A storm system rides along the boundary and arrives on Tuesday.  This day could even be stormy with some boomers and downpours – which in my opinion, should totally be a rap song.  Plan on mid-week puddles, as the showers will stretch into Wednesday as well.

Wednesday could be our best shot at some wintry mix… and possibly even *GASP* some minor accumulations of snow.  Temps will be cold enough as we’re back on the “wrong side of the tracks.”  So – “Say it ain’t snow?”  I can’t promise you it won’t be.  We’ll keep an eye on it.

I’ll leave you with this to ponder on:  If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?  (You’re probably wondering if I’m just going to leave that one unanswered)… Yup.  – Bri

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