Arctic Blast

Back to work, back to school, back to the grind.  Also, we’re finally back to some "real" winter weather as Arctic air get’s set to move on in. 

While it’s not all that cold this morning, the numbers don’t change much through the day.  In fact, temperatures that hold in the mid to upper 20s this morning will slide back toward 20 by sunset.  Hat and gloves weather for sure.  

With that cold air passing over the relatively warm ocean waters, ocean-effect snow showers/squalls develop by midday near the coast and are periodic through tonight, into tomorrow morning.  The area that is most prone to see some snow showers and squalls will be the Cape.  A winter weather advisory is in effect for the Cape and Nantucket until 7:00AM Tuesday.  The general snowfall expected for the Cape and extreme Southeast Plymouth County will be 1-3" of snow with localized 4" amounts possible.  The nature of the game with ocean-effect snow is that one location can be partly sunny, while another location a few miles down the road can have reduced visibility and slick roads with snow squalls.  So it’s not a constant all day snow, but instead, comes in bursts. Across Cape Ann and along the South Shore Coastline, there may be a coating to an inch of fluff with a few of these snow showers.  

The story tonight will be the cold.  Temperatures fall back into the single digits away from the immediate coast, and the forecast of 11 in Boston tonight and 5 in Worcester are the coldest numbers since the morning of March 6th. Add in a wind, and wind chills run between 0 and -10 at times tonight.  Those numbers bounce back into the mid 20s tomorrow afternoon and after a chilly start Wednesday morning, we’ll hit 40 by the afternoon! 

The weather’s quiet to end the week, however this weekend we’ll watch for some stormy weather to work back in.  I’d tend to favor rain near the coast and some higher terrain snow/mix as the cold air in place is marginal at best.  Plenty of time to pin down those details.  Until then, stay warm! 

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