An armed robbery victim is in jail after taking matters into this own hands. 

According to police, he plowed his car into two suspected robbers, sending one flying into the air. 

The victims are all right, but the moment of impact was caught on camera. 

Two people were seen on surveillance video running down a New Mexico street and just second later a black car comes speeding into view, hitting the two people. 

One person was able to jump out of the way, but the other was launched into the air. 

Behind the wheel was 18-year-old Quinn Chavez. 

According to police, Chavez was a victim himself, just blocks from the accident. 

Chavez pulled up with a 20-year-old Christopher Gutierrez in the car. 

Court documents show three people approached the car with a gun and robbed Chavez. Chavez told police the suspects then ran away on foot. 

Chavez told police he took a minute to gather himself, got into his car and started driving away from the park. When he drove down to the end of the street, he spotted the group. 

Police said Chavez then mowed over two of the robbery suspects. Both boys were okay. 

Police charged the boys with robbery and, because of the video, Chavez is in trouble as well. 

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