BOSTON (WHDH) — A more revealing type of baby shower – ultrasound parties are growing in popularity, but some are left wondering whether this new trend is just too much.

For Cara Canino’s baby shower, there are presents, mimosas, games, plus a surprising reveal.

“Something different something fun why not? Other than just playing games why not add a little something extra for the people that won’t even expect it,” said Alex Canino, the expectant father.

“Actually I had a couple of people say, ‘Oh really you’re just going to pull up your clothes in front of everybody at a shower?’” said Cara Canino.

Not exactly.

Cara is behind a blue curtain while a technician performs an ultrasound for the entire party to see – in 3D and 4D. Guests are busy trying to figure out exactly what they’re looking at.

Miracles Imaging charges $249 for this baby shower package.

“I’m pregnant now and I’m definitely having this at my shower,” said one guest.

This group was having fun – but not everyone thinks this baby shower trend is a good idea.

“This is a medical test and yes it doesn’t hurt and it’s its easy to do but it’s still a medical test and should be in my opinion for medical purposes only,” said Dr. Jonathan Bratter, an obstetrician.

Doctors say this test is safe for mother and baby, but are concerned – what if it detects a problem?

“While a fetal demise is not a common occurrence it is something that we’ve all seen and often times it goes unnoticed until just a routine ultrasound. I would hate to see that happen with a room full of people,” said Dr. Bratter.

Miracles Imaging owners said they understand that risk and work closely with a doctor.

Thankfully this ultrasound served to reassure the Canino’s that their baby boy is well and growing and not shy about all this attention.

There are several companies that offer at-home ultrasounds.

Just check on the internet for one near you.

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