At least 9 US tourists have died at Dominican Republic resorts

(WHDH) — Authorities have identified the latest American tourists to die at a Dominican Republic resort this year.

Joseph Allen, 55 of New Jersey has been identified as the ninth tourist to die at a resort in the country.

Now, for the first time, a son of one of the victims is speaking out and fighting for answers and justice.

“I mean, I do not know what happened to my mom, and that’s still the biggest thing plaguing my mind right now,” said Will Cox, who is grieving the loss of his mother, Leyla — the 8th victim to die in the Dominican Republic over the past year.

“It’s hard enough not knowing how they died,” Cox said, “and it seems I’m never going to find those answers.”

The Punta Canta resort that Leyla was staying in said the 53-year-old died of a heart attack. But her son isn’t buying it.

“I can only tell you this — she was healthy,” he said. “She was too healthy to pass away of a heart attack.”

Cox says he is desperate for answers, but he says he doesn’t have the funds to bring his mother’s body back to the United States for testing. He claims the Dominican Republic only gave him 24 hours to do so before the body would be cremated.

“I don’t want another US citizen to pass away on foreign soil and I don’t want anyone to face what I’m going through right now,” he said.

At least 9 American tourists have died in the Dominican Republic. Officials have called the deaths isolated events and are working to reassure the public that their country is safe.

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