Athletic trainers were some of the first people to come to the aid of victims at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Larry Venis, the head athletic trainer at Boston University, said he couldn’t initially process what he heard the day of the Boston Marathon bombing.

“We saw the smoke, myself and one of the other athletic trainers started rushing over there,” Venis said. “We didn’t know what was happening, what was going on. if anything else was going to happen.”

He was working his 26th marathon and when the bombs went off, he jumped into action. Him, a Boston Police officer and countless others were just trying to get the fencing out of the way.

“There were so many heroes that day, that you could consider. I don’t think you could put any face on one thing for that day. everybody that was involved was a hero,” Venis said.

He is proud of the job the athletic trainers and their students did that day, but he will never forget the heartbreak and bravery at the finish line.

“I applaud their courage, you know there are so many victims who have had positive attitudes through this whole thing that could have given up. I think that’s a huge testament to them and us as people. and I wish them the best of luck.”

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