Atlanta-area store bans sale of Sam Adams before Super Bowl

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (WHDH) – An Atlanta-area gas station has banned the sale of Boston’s iconic Sam Adams beer as the Super Bowl matchup between the Falcons and Patriots draws near.

“I took it down on Tuesday and it’s been off the shelves since then,” said store owner, Viral Hadji Chhadua, of Gainesville, Georgia.

Chhadua says he’s a big Falcons fan, upset with Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy and his a recent article criticizing Atlanta as a sports town.

Shaugnessy wrote in his article that “It’s hard to get pumped up about a Super Bowl against… Atlanta.”

“It’s not hate, but your guy Dan Shaughnessy kind of started this,” Chhadua said.

Feeling slighted, Chhadua figured out a way to really show his support for Atlanta.

He put up a sign where the Sam Adams is stocked, which reads, “We will not be selling any Sam Adams until after the Super Bowl. Rise up.”

Chhadua then posted a picture of it to Facebook and it immediately went viral.

Even the Sam Adams brewing company took notice. They tweeted “Don’t worry Atlanta, we’re still drinking Coca Cola.”

Chhadua also hung up a Falcons flag above his gas pumps, but someone stole it, and he is blaming Patriots fans.

“I wouldn’t put it past the cheaters of New England to you know, be hateful about it,” Chhadua said.

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