Atlanta, GA Police saved two men trapped in burning car

Members of the Atlanta, Georgia Police Department saved two people trapped inside of their burning car.

The incident happened early Wednesday morning on a busy Atlanta highway.

Police said they heard the two men inside of the car, who were badly hurt, screaming for help when they arrived on scene.

Five officers rushed to help the driver and passenger get out of the burning car. They used their fire extinguishers to control the flames while they busted open the car’s windows with their batons.

The officers were able to get both men out of the car safely. A local fire department extinguished the rest of the fire.

Officer Bill Brooks of the Atlanta Police Department said, “Sometimes you question why you’d run into a situation where a car is fully engulfed. But the training they give us, and the fact that I signed up for this job to help people–I never second guess that.”

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