Atta Sun

Really put a dent in those snow banks today, didn’t we? Highs soared into the low 50s in many spots thanks to a bright (early) sun.

Swift moving rain is at our doorstep. It’s not a big storm system for us, since we’re just being hit by the northernmost part of this clump of rain. Nonetheless, puddles and ponding are expected, especially since the snowbanks loom large and hem in any standing water. All told, maybe a quarter of an inch in spots, a third of an inch in others. Nothing huge here. The bigger story is the setup for tomorrow.

With such “mild” temps to start tomorrow – held over from a mild night – the sun will gang up with a warm upper atmosphere and send the temperatures soaring. Beware of falling ice and tumbling snow off roofs. This will be a major meltdown for us. Check the temps to the right for a town/city near you.

It all comes to an abrupt halt tomorrow night with refreezing and a very cold day on tap for Thursday. Highs will struggle to make 40 degrees as a new, bone-chilling airmass moves in.

But not to be outdone, the sun will beat back the cold on Friday. 40s return as the airmass starts to warm and loosen its grip on New England.

And that’s a key component of Saturday’s forecast too. The cold will give way and south winds should insure that we see more wet than white. May not be the case for Northern New England, however as the atmosphere is a bit colder there. Spring snow can be expected north of Concord, NH.

And a word of note: tomorrow’s not beachworthy…too much ice!

Be well.