Attleboro mayor takes beloved terminally ill dog on 8,500-mile road trip

ATTLEBORO, MASS. (WHDH) - Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux is returning to town after a road trip with his dog Mura, who has terminal cancer.

Heroux was heartbroken when he first learned that Mura has terminal blood cancer and only a few months left to live, so he took her on a road trip to make some lasting memories.

Heroux said he doesn’t have a wife or kids and Mura is his best friend.

“She is family, she’s the most precious thing in the world to me. She always has been,” Heroux said. “People who have gone through similar situations with their dog told me to make sure to that you give her the best few months of her life left that you have. And so I took that to heart.”

Heroux and Mura visited 24 states in just 12 days.

“I was taking her on a nice long ride because that’s what dogs love, but also visiting a bunch of national parks and national monuments at the same time.”

Heroux said the trip brought the pair closer than ever.

“It was a nice experience. She was sitting in the front seat beside me the entire time,” Heroux said.

Heroux said driving the interstate was not on his agenda, but was worth it.

“I wasn’t expecting to do a 8,500-mile car ride with my dog,” Heroux said. “I feel like she bonded with me in a way we couldn’t do so before.”

Mayor Heroux is now back to work at city hall in Attleboro.

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