Attorney for ‘close friend’ of Hernandez: ‘Give us a copy of that letter’

WORCESTER, MA (WHDH) - The attorney for an inmate who befriended Aaron Hernandez at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts, wants the ex-NFL star’s lawyer to release a suicide note supposedly written to his client.

Larry Army claims one of three suicide notes Hernandez left in his cell before killing himself last week was addressed to his client, 22-year-old Kyle Kennedy. He’s requested that the Worcester District Attorney’s office turn the letter over to this client.

Hernandez’s lawyer, Jose Baez, says no such note exists. Army called out Baez Wednesday, challenging him to give Kennedy a copy of the note.

“We’re asking at this point in time that attorney Baez, who has suggested numerous times that the letter does not relate to my client, give us a copy of that letter,” Army said. “We’ve heard that parts of the letter may be incoherent. My client believes it might be because the letter was written in accordance to a language typically used behind the walls of jail.”

Army says Kennedy believes he can decipher the letter. He also says Kennedy and Hernandez were “close friends” in prison.

Baez issued a terse statement in response to Army’s comments. Read it below:

“Our team is doing serious legal work. We don’t have the time to stop our efforts and respond to every convicted felon that has something to say about Aaron Hernandez. Quite frankly, I’m surprised more inmates have not come forward to make money off the media.”

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