Attorney for serial child rapist Wayne Chapman skeptical of new charges

LAWRENCE, MASS. (WHDH) - An attorney for Wayne Chapman says the convicted repeat child rapist denies the new charges lodged against him and that he, as Chapman’s attorney, is extremely skeptical of the charges himself.

“It’s extremely convenient that on the eve of his release, once the appeal had been denied by the Supreme Judicial Court, that he is now charged with something that he has never been charged with in his 41 years of custody,” said attorney Eric Tennen.

After 40 years behind bars — the last decade in civil commitment — Chapman was set to be released after two psychologists said he is no longer sexually dangerous.

But last week, after a public outroar, Chapman was charged with exposing himself to nurses at MCI Shirley. He’s now being held without bail.

Tennen says it is unconstitutional to keep a person locked up forever for something they might do, and that Chapman is too old and sick to be sexually dangerous.

Psychologist Joseph Plaud, who appeared with Tennen, says the vast majority of sex offenders in Chapman’s condition do not re-offend.

Plaud also called out Governor Charlie Baker for ignoring Chapman’s age as a factor.

“I believe the things that I’ve seen him say and heard him say in the news and on the radio and on TV…he’s saying things that do not mesh with the facts,” said Plaud.

Governor Baker responded Monday, pushing back against those claims.

“I’m not spreading falsehoods at all,” Baker said. “My point of view on this is really simple, which is based on what I have heard people say in court, is that no one has suggested that Wayne Chapman has turned over a new leaf.”

Victim’s advocate Wendy Murphy called on Governor Baker and the attorney general to join in her appeal to keep Chapman locked up. She represented two victims who spoke out Monday.

“That guy completely wrecked my life,” said one of those victims. “I want him to know, he was my bogeyman for 40 years, but I’m going to be his bogeyman for the rest of his life.”

Tenner says he talked to Chapman after the new charges were filed. He says his client is confused and disappointed after learning he is not being released at this time.

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