Attorneys make closing statements in Boston doctor killings trial

(AP) — The case of a man charged with killing two engaged doctors in their luxury Boston condominium was turned over to the jury on Monday.

Bampumim Teixeira, 33, has pleaded not guilty to murder in the May 2017 deaths of Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Lina Bolanos.

The evidence against Teixeira is overwhelming prosecutor John Pappas told jurors during closing statements Monday.

The suspect had no known personal relationship with the victims but had once worked as a concierge in their building, prosecutors said. Teixeira told investigators he was having an affair with Bolanos. He said Field came home and became enraged, and killed Bolanos. Teixeira said he killed Field in self-defense.

That version of events is “utterly absurd and ridiculous,” Pappas said.

Instead, authorities believe Teixeira stabbed the couple while robbing them of jewelry.

Teixeira’s lawyer, Steven Sack, who did not call any witnesses, told jurors his client did not commit murder.

“I never told you he didn’t kill Richard Field — because he did,’’ Sack told the jury during his closing statement. “He killed him in self-defense, and that’s not murder.”

Bolanos, 38, was a pediatric anesthesiologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear.

Field, 49, was an anesthesiologist at North Shore Pain Management.

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