August Takes A Vacation

 Been a stellar stretch over the last couple of days. Sun is still high enough to send us in the 80s and ward off the cooling sea breeze. In fact, we hit 84 in Boston today despite the onshore wind in the afternoon.

That wind gets a little worked up in the coming days – enough to push the water up against the coast and produce some minor coastal flooding, and enough to make you wonder if we’re still in summer.

Rain holds back for much of tomorrow, with the main event unfolding late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. There’s enough moisture available to put out a few storms – and when you talk about storms, you have to talk about heavy rain. And when we’re talking heavy rain, the flash flood watches go up.

Central and western Mass. take the brunt of the water with the ESE wind piling up moisture in the higher terrain (very efficient rain producing setup). In Eastern Mass/New England, this isn’t the case, but we’ll still expect at least an inch of rain.

Severe weather potential remains low in my book. Sun should stay hidden, so the threat for severe storms should be limited. Nonetheless, it only takes one storm to get out of hand and produce wind damage or hail. We’ll keep you apprised.

Workweek finishes on a drier note, but searing summer heat is out….for good? Could be. Time is short. Only 3 weekends remain in summer (unofficially).