Authorities: Easton fire official attacked ex-girlfriend, threatened her with gun

ATTLEBORO, MASS. (WHDH) - The Easton deputy fire chief is off the job and facing charges after authorities say he attacked his ex-girlfriend and threatened her with a gun.

Timothy Griffin was one of the highest ranking officials in the Easton Fire Department. Now, Griffin has been jailed for up to 120 days after he was found too dangerous to be out on the streets.

In court Friday, police said Griffin got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend, who is in law enforcement and carries a gun. Authorities allege he went into her Attleboro home uninvited, grabbed her glock and demanded she give him her cellphone.

“He had made comments to the effect I’m going to count to ten and you’re not going to like what happens,” said Det. Lt. Timothy Cook, of the Attleboro Police Department. “He made a reference that if she called police, he’d have both of her badges.”

Griffin’s attorney says the Attleboro police are protecting one of their own, leaving out of the police report that the alleged victim was drinking alcohol at the time of the argument.

“They’re covering up that she had a beer and a glock,” defense attorney Joseph Krowski said, “If she’s drinking beer with a gun, she’s got a problem.”

The alleged victim’s attorney fought successfully for a restraining order to keep Griffin away from his ex-girlfriend, repeatedly saying she did nothing wrong and is afraid of him.

“She was not intoxicated. It is not unlawful for anybody to have a license to carry and to open a beer,” said attorney Frank Camera. “She’s the victim. Mr. Griffin is not the victim.”

Griffin left the courtroom with handcuffs around his wrists and ankles. He is due back in court in March for a pre-trial hearing.

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