Autistic teen becomes homecoming king

A crowning moment at a South Florida high school. 

On an October Friday night, under the bright stadium lights, a storied high school tradition rallies on. It was a big night for one teen who never saw it coming. 
It’s homecoming night at this high school in South Florida and its about to be a memorable one. A game changer in the school’s history. 
The nominees take their spot on the field waiting to find out who will be crowned. Senior Kim Noel bows his head in anticipation.

The crowd goes crazy for their newly crowned king. He is autistic. And as you can see, hugely popular.  

"Everybody voted…because I am a king," said Kim. 

With the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on a king’s face, he runs to hold court. Everyone huddled around him for a photo-op and for a chance to get closer to royalty. 

Now, the king of the campus is living the dream and celebrating with his classmates. 

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