Quietly and subtly we've been whittling away at the humidity over the last 24 hrs. For some – like those living in Northern Mass. and Southern New Hampshire – it's been somewhat noticeable. For others, relief can't come soon enough.

Well, drier air is on the move and it's trailing a cool front now marching through the Eastern Great Lakes. We get into it later tomorrow, so there is some relief in that respect. As far as refreshing air, that returns by the middle and latter half of the week.

Big storms fired from Vermont to Southern Maine last night: lots of energy along a cool front to feed numerous storms and downpours. So when that same front slowed to a crawl across Southeast Mass today, we we thinking at least a couple of storms may fire. 


Heavy weather moved out of Connecticut and quickly faded just east of Narragansett Bay. All that we had to show for the front – and leftover storms – was a brief, fleeting downpour. If this summer has shown anything, it's that it takes a lot of processes to come together to make a storm. Miss one or two key ingredients, and you're left baking in the sun.

Rest of the workweek is quiet. No storms, humidity on the decline and plenty of sun.

Who's got an issue with that?

Still recovering (from the Foos on Saturday),


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