After a week of cold & snow and just general lousiness in our weather it’s good to walk into the office and see the atmosphere begin to resemble an April-like pattern! Of course, that statement is loaded because we all know April is completely capable of some junk weather–read 41 & drizzle for days but as of this evening, I see sunshine rather than dank, dreary weather.

We do have some rain showers tracking into New England tonight and tomorrow morning but this weather system is making good time so look for the threat of rain to pass once we get into the afternoon hours. In fact, most of us should see the sun set tomorrow evening. Temps are mild with most towns starting the day near 50 and hanging out in the 50s for much of the day. Decent day.

For the rest of the week, High Pressure settles into the northeast and doesn’t move much for several days. This bubble of High Pressure provides sunshine for much of the week and away from the coast, temps take advantage of that sun reaching the 50s each day! Closer to the coast, a sea breeze (sign of spring) is likely for several days beginning on Wednesday & lasting into early next week so plan on temps several degrees cooler—likely in the mid & upper 40s.

Looking long range–which is dangerous this time of year—Marathon Monday/Patriots Day looks decent with partly sunny skies & mild temps. Boston temps look like low to mid 50s but farther inland the temps are likely to reach the 60s. More on this in the coming days.



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