Another day where the rain fell before sunrise. I’m totally fine with that this time of year. We need the water for the lawns, gardens, golf courses and yet we all like to enjoy those venues during the day. That can happen today with clearing skies this morning and mostly sunny skies throughout the day.

The day has some issues though. The most immediate is that dang humidity. It was quite humid out there this morning but as we step through the day that humidity will ease a bit thanks to a healthy westerly wind developing (10-20mph). This wind combined with the strong June sunshine will boost temps into the upper 80s. I’m not sold on most towns reaching 90 (including Boston) later today. It will be close but I bet most of us finish around 87/88. Great day for the Sox game, tennis as well as the beaches.

The humidity will be long gone tomorrow thanks to Candian High Pressure. A few months ago this Canadian High Pressure was the root of all evil sending wind chills below zero but this time of year it’s a thing of beauty. This High Pressure is with us for the rest of the week & into the weekend setting the stage for a fantastic stretch of weather. Afternoon temps in the 70s, overnight lows in the 50s and low humidity.

Works for me!


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