Back to work, school and winter

Uugghhhh…the Holidays are over and now the long & winding road to spring begins and to make matters worse, our pattern that helped to deliver the warmest December on record is also gone. Of course, if you spent 5 minutes outside today you would know our pattern has changed since December. Cold all day long with a bitter wind helping to usher in the goods from Canada. Adding insult to injury, was a persistent  patch of snow–especially along the South Shore which led to some nasty traffic for a time this afternoon. Thankfully the snow will quickly end this evening along the South Shore but will continue out on the Cape & the islands ( 1-2" likely on the Cape tonight).

For Taco Tuesday you don’t have any snow to contend with, only a bitterly cold day. This isn’t record cold (not even close) but considering just how warm December was, tomorrow’s cold will most def be a shock to the system as temps start the day near 10–the coldest since early March–and only reach the low to mid 20s by late afternoon. That sun is around for moral support–score some tacos, that should help.

By Wednesday, our time with the arctic air is done. Just like that. We won’t be returning to the 50s (like we do so often in December) but those temps will reach the low 40s and that is above normal by a handful of degrees. Sunshiney days expected as well.

We hold onto the seasonably mild temps for the remainder of the week–low 40s– as well as the sunshine but as we step into the weekend our next storm is with us. As of now, it looks more wet than white with a lack of cold air around southern New England.

Hang in there, only 75 days until spring!