Backstage in Boston: The Wizard of Oz

The national tour of "The Wizard of Oz" is making Boston home, and 7’s Sarah French followed the yellow brick road with the stars of the show to see the real magic that takes place behind the scenes of Oz.

Every night, Morgan Reynolds transforms himself into the Scarecrow. He explained that his costume is made to look like a Kansas feed bag as a nod to his alter ego, Hunk, on Dorothy’s farm.

"I have this really cool carrot nose. It fits perfectly," Morgan explained.

Jay McGill plays the Tin Man. His costume is made up of several different parts, with both leg pieces clipping onto a hidden belt to help distribute the weight.

Aaron Fried takes on the role of the Cowardly Lion in the show. He gave Sarah an up close look at his shoes that are actually sneakers made to look like paws.  

For actor Alex Swift, there’s certainly no place like home.

"This is like an incredible homecoming parade. It’s so wonderful! I’ve had so many friends and family come so far," Alex said. "I just graduated from the Boston Conservatory and it was an absolutely incredible experience." 

Alex plays many different characters throughout the show, which require many costume changes. Transformation that transports the cast and the audience all the way to Oz.

The show will be at the Wang Theater in Boston through Sunday.

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