Badly neglected Yorkie left at Salem shelter likely ‘never knew human kindness’

SALEM, MASS. (WHDH) - A badly neglected Yorkie that was recently left at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem is recovering after undergoing urgent medical care.

Ziggy, a local stray, had matted and knotted fur that had entangled his mutilated hind leg, according to the shelter.

“It’s likely Ziggy had never known human kindness,” the shelter said in a social media post.

When medical staffers at the shelter shaved Ziggy’s fur, they discovered he was suffering from a severe infection which required his leg to be amputated. Nearly all of his teeth had to be removed because they were so rotten from neglect.

“Our expert medical team attended to his immediate needs which included a full leg amputation, dental extractions, and grooming,” the shelter said.

Ziggy is said to be doing well. He has since been adopted by a foster family that plans to adopt him if his owner doesn’t come forward.


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