Baker gets second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Gov. Charlie Baker is now through with his COVID-19 vaccine regimen after getting his second dose on Tuesday, and two weeks from now, May 11 he will meet the Centers for Disease Control’s definition of fully vaccinated.

“Today I got my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the Hynes Convention Center mass vaccination site,” Baker tweeted at 4:37 p.m. “The vaccine is safe, effective and it saves lives. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself, your family and our community.”

Asked about his plans for the shot during an afternoon press conference, Baker said it was scheduled for “later today” and indicated he was keeping an open mind about possible side effects.

Baker said he doesn’t think there is a “standard response” and that he’s heard a range of reactions from “nothing at all to flat on my back for two days to do the sore arm or somewhere in between.”

“I’m obviously going to play it by ear, but I’m really glad I’m getting my second shot, because that means two weeks from now I can hug my dad, which I haven’t done yet,” Baker said.

Baker got his first Pfizer vaccine dose on April 6 at the Hynes.

Looking further afield, the governor, who on Tuesday laid out a timeline for additional steps forward in the state’s reopening process, said he was recently asked in an interview to name the first thing he pans to do “when things are, like, totally back to normal.”

His answer? “I said I want to take my kids and my wife and go to a concert,” Baker said. “That’s what I want to do. But I don’t want to do that until we get to the point where that can be done in a way where people won’t be putting one another and each other at risk by virtue of doing that.”

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