Bakeshop in Worcester selling anti-Valentine’s Day cookies

WORCESTER (WHDH) - Crust Bakeshop in Worcester is selling anti-Valentine’s Day cookies this year.

Alexis Kelleher, owner, said, “I think Valentine’s Day gets a little over-saturated with really lovey-dovey, kind of repulsive, you know messages.”

Kelleher and her team are creating these heart-shaped cookies for those who are not looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day the stereotypical way.

She says she and her employees work together to create the messages for the sugar cookies. Some of the messages include, “You’re the reason I cry,” and “I don’t love you anymore.”

Kelleher says she does it to make people laugh. “I think we just like to have a little fun and make Valentine’s Day a little more light-hearted, if you will, don’t mind the pun.”

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