Bald eagles get tangled in territorial clash

Battle between two bald eagles in Portland, Oregon ended in a draw when the two birds tangled their talons in one another.

This territorial clash turned into a fight to save the birds.

They were two bald eagles that seemed to be stuck in the branches.

“I’ve just been kind of standing here ever since hoping that we could call on anybody and everybody to come out and save these beautiful birds,” said Carrie Healy, neighbor.

They were actually stuck together.

“Maybe their talons are connected and pierced into each other – so let’s release that and let them fly free,” said Chad Honl, arborist.

Resources were called in to help.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Audubon Society came in.

And just as the rescuers inched close enough to free the birds, they released themselves.

“Lots of times, these things work out of their own as we saw today,” said Susan Barnes, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Wildlife experts say the birds were two males having a territorial fight.

“The left talon of the eagle that was underneath was impaled in the thigh of the eagle up above,” said Rick Swart, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

At least one of the birds was hurt but wildlife experts say they’re resilient and they may just heal themselves.