HANSON, MASS. (WHDH) - A helium balloon released in memory of a deceased loved one in Kentucky traveled nearly 1,000 miles before landing on a lawn in Hanson, Massachusetts.

Jack Glynn, of Hanson, recently found an orange balloon that read, “We love and miss you Grams.”

“You think of it rising up above buildings and utility poles and trees and all the different things it went through,” he said. “To land in our backyard is really crazy.”

Glynn sought out to find the balloon’s sender, so he searched online for the names written on it.

He got lucky and found a wedding website that matched the names written on the balloon, as well as a phone number.

“So I texted the person. All I did was text them a picture of the balloon and said, ‘Would this, by any chance, be connected to you?'” Glynn recalled.

Kurron Carmichael received the message and said, “I couldn’t write back for like five minutes.”

For the past six years, Carmichael and his family released several balloons to honor his grandmother’s memory her birthday.

This is the first he’s heard of someone finding one of their floating tributes.

“It’s her,” Carmichael said. “As crazy as it sounds, it’s something that she would do. She would make it through anything. So for her to make it a thousand miles away for someone to find it, it’s just a sign.”

Glynn agreed saying, “My first instinct was, this is your grandmother reaching out.”

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